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Shower Doors & Enclosures


When will I be ready for a Shower Specialist to take proper measurements?

Here at Dixie Messer, we provide our customers with CUSTOM glass. Before we begin the process, the shower tile must be completed. Then proper measurements can be taken for your custom glass panels.

Does Dixie Messer have replacement shower strips?

Yes, we have all kinds of shower strips here in our warehouse. Bring in your used strip so we can match it and cut it to length.

What product should I use to clean my shower glass?

Hard water and soap scum may build up on your glass but luckily Dixie Messer has a great product line that you can be sure will help resolve this issue. We keep both Hi-Sheen glass cleaner and Bio Clean in stock for our customers.

Does Dixie Messer remove shower enclosures & doors?

At this time Dixie Messer does not provide shower removal services.

How do I get a Shower Glass Quote?

Thank you so much for asking. A quote can be obtained through email and by phone with our shower department. Please call us with your information and we will make sure a specialist gets with you right away!

Have been a customer with Dixie Messer for fifteen plus years going back to when I was a licensed builder (pre-crash). Now doing a personal bathroom remodel, I knew exactly who I was going to call. Nothing has changed from my last job with these great folks back in 2007. They are easy to work with, thorough, economical for a critical and crucial element of your bathroom. Andy Messer and Drew Hughes continue to uphold the standard of excellence set by Andy's dad Doug so many years ago.

Search no further. Dixie Messer is the mirror and glass company you are looking for.

George E

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