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Three Plants

Home Decor

Not just glass! Experience our two story showroom which is located in downtown Greer, SC. Our walls are filled with more mirrors than one can count. We carry quality brand name mirrors and furniture. You can be sure to find something you've just got to have!

Mirrors Galore!

Every inch of our showroom is covered with both framed and frameless mirrors. We try to keep an abundance of choices here in house at all times for our customers convenience. 

Home Decor

We have a wide variety of miscellaneous home decor such as throw pillows, decorative birds, small & large prints, wall hangings, and so much more.

Credenzas & Buffet Cabinets

Lots of styles ranging in size. You can be certain something will catch your eye. Make sure to check out our gallery online to find featured furniture.

Buffet Table Lamps

Not your everyday department store lamp. If you are looking for something a bit more unique we have what you are looking for.

Have been a customer with Dixie Messer for fifteen plus years going back to when I was a licensed builder (pre-crash). Now doing a personal bathroom remodel, I knew exactly who I was going to call. Nothing has changed from my last job with these great folks back in 2007. They are easy to work with, thorough, economical for a critical and crucial element of your bathroom. Andy Messer and Drew Hughes continue to uphold the standard of excellence set by Andy's dad Doug so many years ago.

Search no further. Dixie Messer is the mirror and glass company you are looking for.

George E

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